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How to Contact All University Directly

In order to stay connected with our users and visitors we have decided to create this page to leave relevant informations on how you can contact us if you have any relevant matter that you want more informations about.

We want to be clear on the subjects that may warrant you to contact us to avoid poor response from our customer care center. All this is to better serve you well.

Matters to Contact Us for?

  1. Informatons/ Suggestion.
  2. Questions.
  3. Sponsored Posts/Adverts.

1. Informations/Suggestion: If you have any relevant information that you wish to share with other students, then contact us. Also, if you have any suggestion on how to improve the quality of our services and content, also reach us.

2. Questions: If there are relevant questions that you couldn’t find the answers on our portal, then feel free to reach us using the contact information below.

3. Sponsored Posts/Adverts: We accept sponsored posts as well as run adverts for individuals or organizations that wants to grow their brands or sell their products. If you want to contact us as regards to sponsored posts or adverts, use the contact information at your disposal.

Our Contact Address?

  1. Email Address OR
  2. Phone Number

1. Email Address: You can easily send your Informaton/Suggestion, question, Sponsored Posts/Adverts notice to

2. Phone Number: Reaching us via the phone number can be very difficult as we are still working on making possible to respons as fast as we can. Nevertheless, if you must have to contact us via phone number, you should also be informed that you will be charged airtime for your calls by your service providers. The phone numbers to call if you want to reach us via our mobile phone number is +2348069073945.

Despite providing you with our mobile number, we will glad if you use the email address to reach us for quick response. We will update this page if we finally resolve the issues of our mobile phone.